Kelley Oswin – Mental Game of Sports



Coach Kelley Oswin is SSM’s mindset strategist and aftercare specialist.  At SSM our clients are very fortunate to have great access to Kelley.

In sport the human mind can be the athletes worst enemy or his best friend,  Kelley does a great job managing the mind set of all our clients to keep them in the right place at all times.

Kelley grew up surrounded by the hockey world.  Kelley watched as her brother Scott’s life completely engulfed by the sport.  Kelley observed as her brother came against challenges with coaches and organizations, the impact it had on her brother and her parents, and ultimately the wake it left when his career was over.

Kelley is passionate about empowering those who are on this path to understand that it is “what they do and not who they are”.  For many, preparation of the mental game is just as important as the game itself

SSM is passionate about creating support services for supporting young players through the early years of their careers.  To help clear out any blocks that may be showing up mentally or emotionally so that they can remain focused what it is they love.  SSM is also dedicated to supporting those whose careers are coming to a close so that players can begin the transition feeling supported and connected.

Kelley Oswin is a trained Social Worker and Master practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming.  Kelley has worked in the counselling world for 20 years and supported hundreds through issues of depression, anxiety and addiction and trauma.  She joins the SSM team as a trusted professional who is dedicated to ensuring clients of SSM are supported mentally and emotionally to increase their best chances of a successful short and long term outcome

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