Our Services


We spare no effort or expense to determine what makes you great and where you can improve. Honest feedback is difficult but necessary for long term success.


We develop the plan to put you on track to meet your goals. Mental, physical, nutrition and health as well as strategic career planning and management are all formulated and monitored by the SSM team.

Goal Setting

Goal planning is key to measuring and evaluating progress. We set and monitor goals for our athletes and we work diligently to see that you meet or exceed the realistic benchmarks we know you can attain.

Draft Preparation

No one day can affect the path of your career more. There is much that can be done to ensure the odds are maximized in your favour. We have the insider know-how to get you what you deserve.

Brand Management

You are the brand and it is never to early to think about what defines you to the world. Managing how you are perceived in the market has implications in all aspects of your career.

Financial Planning

Managing for long term sustainable wealth is key to a successful life both in and beyond hockey. Let us teach you the skills to be an empowered and knowledgeable part of your money management team.