Typically hockey development is limited to power, strength, skill training and skating. SSM understands that these are important fundamentals for our athletes. It simply isn’t enough though to focus on these cornerstones, the modern game demands more.

We have a leading program that combines the best of the traditional development model with a number of progressive new programs that are changing the game today.

SSM doesn’s want to give away all the unique things we do to help our athletes excel and progress but we will share the outline of our program. There is also the reality that each athlete requires their own individual training program. No two athletes are alike.

After the evaluation process SSM works with the athlete and their families to cover Strength, Power, Speed, Energy Systems Development, Flexibility, Recovery, Rest, Nutrition, Sleep, Vision, Mental Conditioning and Development.

Working for you

There is so much more to the game today than there was even a decade ago. It is vital to be current and constantly searching for the new and latest development trends that professional players employ at the elite level. SSM delivers Pro-level development plans to our athletes.

SSM has an amazing track record of helping athletes reach their goals and nothing is more important than the development plan in facilitating those achievements.

SSM also understands that it isn’t enough just to come up with a great plan, the needs of the athlete are constantly changing and good representation will provide unrelenting solutions to the challenges the athlete faces.

We have the tools, the knowledge, the passion and the connections to provide our athletes with exactly what they need to succeed. All serious athlete’s deserve representation that works as hard as they do, SSM is that kind of agency.