Draft Preparation

Every athlete works their way up through the ranks with tremendous dedication, hard work and commitment. There are a variety of drafts throughout the process that are important for the opportunities that provide the athlete.

We understand the importance of these days and we have the formula to maximize your odds when it matters most.

The draft is a mystery to many and we would be lying if we didn’t tell you there is some luck involved beyond the first few rounds.

That being said, we have an entire team dedicating to working with families for the sole purpose of educating and engaging them in the process of maximizing their odds of being drafted and improving the round in which they are drafted.

No More Mystery!

Our promise is that every athlete in the SSM family is given the same treatment with every player given the respect and attention they deserve.

We believe that we have a unique and comprehensive approach that gives the SSM player’s a significant advantage and we can back that up with facts and case studies.

The difficult part is that what we do and how we do it is not something we wish to share with the general public.

That means for this section, if you are looking for something specific or you want to see our program we unfortunately cannot publish it.

We also know that there are deserving athletes that will occasionally be overlooked in the draft and unlike others our commitment remains. We are experts at finding opportunities for our players and ensuring that they continue moving toward their goals.