Evaluation sounds simple but knowledgeable hockey people understand just how difficult it is to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Typical evaluators focus on how fast a player skates, how big he is, how hard his shot is, how frequently he hits, etc. While athleticism and physicality are primary performance indicators there are many subtle and vital facets that separate the good from the great.

SSM is a team of hockey knowledgeable people with a network of scouts and experts that see your entire game and provide a complete and sophisticated evaluation.

We don’t limit our viewings and grading to one or two people or a few games. We cover everything and invest considerable time and research into finding what makes you great and what will help you reach your full potential.

Professional and Thorough

Real and honest feedback can be difficult to hear. Depending on the mental state of the athlete this can sometimes be challenging and many representatives will shy away from having a real discussion with their athlete.

Clear, comprehensive, insightful and honest. Combined with a thorough understanding of today’s hockey metrics, SSM has a proven track record of providing real results.

Whether the athlete was drafted first overall or was overlooked, SSM will provide everything they need to get to the next level and beyond. It starts with a proper evaluation and the honesty and integrity to share our findings.

At SSM, we genuinely care about the athlete an their goals. This means that we must remain honest and forthright about feedback and keep our focus on providing the athlete with the tools they need to succeed today and in the future.