Financial Planning

You need people in your corner you can trust. SSM provides each of our athletes with a comprehensive education program to ensure our client’s understand how their money is being managed and can make informed choices that best suit their long term financial goals.

We also remain a watchdog for our clients to ensure that their advisors and investments are working for them.

Unlike many others in our field who want to manage your money and use a cookie cutter approach, we have created a network of financial planners that can work with you to manage your finances with your unique needs at the forefront.

No two players are the same, no two people share the sames hopes and dreams. We ensure that your team is exactly what is best suited for you and we monitor the process to ensure you get the individual attention you deserve.

Financial Planning

We have a solid goal setting plan for finances to and we prioritize with our athletes to meet their individual needs for the present, future and the unknown.

We take this seriously, we have seen far too many athletes work incredibly hard and left with too little only because they trusted others to guide them through this process. SSM ensures our athletes prosper and are never left with less than they deserve.

We believe our athletes should always plan should include the following 5 goals:

1. Plan for the Unexpected

2. Stay Out of Debt – Completely

3. Plan For Early Retirement

4. Create Multiple Income Streams

5. A Plan to Do Work That You Love For Life